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Host a Movie Event
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Product Description

Want to host a movie event at your church, camp or school?
Sign up today, and we’ll send your host kit, featuring:

– Official public view licensed version of the film on DVD or Blu-ray;
– Two-month license timeframe to show the movie once at your specific site;
– Two Audience Size Options to fit your situation (less than 100, more than 100) ;
– Five full-color posters (11×17).

We will also make available for download the following:
– Link to Promotional Movie Trailer for use on your website, email blasts, etc
– Web Banner for your website, email blasts, etc.
– additional promotion material
– and more…

Host a “First to Show” Movie Event in your zip!

Here’s how it works:

We’ll ship you 30 or more DVDs to sell on a consignment basis and we’ll share the revenue. Return the unsold units within ten days, along with money for the DVDs sold. 

Why Do I Need A Site License To Show Your Movie?
1) All of our films are released for Home Entertainment purposes only, and can not be legally screened in public. Typically, movies purchased at retail stores are only licensed for home or personal viewing and carry an FBI warning about copyright infringement, including public screenings.
2) Blanket type licenses from CVLI, MPLC or others do not apply to our films.

Elevating Entertainment Motion Picures is committed to producing quality family-friendly, uplifting and life-inspiring films and has created this Movie Event licensing program to allow your group to legally show our films in a public setting.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support.  

Still need help?  Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to talk with you about hosting a Movie Event in your area.  615.379.2121, x101

If you own or operate a movie theatre interested in hosting quality family films, we’d love to work with you to present our titles in your town or city.  Call us today! 615.379.2121, x101


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