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Here’s some stories we’re working on with a talented group of screenwriters.  These film projects are in various stages of funding and pre-production. We have “in-principle” distribution deals in place with major studio distributors and broadcasters for our upcoming slate of feature films, both theatrical and straight to DVD home entertainment. (see Why Invest In Film?)


CHRISTMAS ON REPEAT | Christopher Blake Johnson, Jason Hill

Christmas on Repeat – Sometimes love needs a do over.  Think “Groundhog Day meets Nottinghill,”  this film is sure to be a holiday classic.  Karissa Lee Staples, Rachel Hendrix, and Ted Welch are attached.

JUST EIGHTEEN SUMMERS | Michelle Cox, Marshal Younger, Torry Martin

Just Eighteen Summers is a unique look at the American family as told through the lives of several families with children at different ages along their journey to adulthood. The story ultimately encourages the audience to not waste any precious time building memories in the “eighteen summers” they have with their kids. Just Eighteen Summers is a trademarked literary property with fiction, non-fiction, children and other books, as well as greeting cards, music, tv and other media.


Give My Love to the Chestnut Trees is a southern story set in the beautiful marshes on the coast of Georgia. A story of faith, love and celebration of one family’s triumph over life’s difficulties.

THE BASKETBALL | James M. De Vince

An embittered woman who loses her son to racial brutality finds healing and resolution in the very color she has grown to hate.  The Basketball is a Kairos Prize winning script, which was presented by the Templeton Foundation at the 2013 Movieguide Awards.

ONE MORE DAY | Ashley Stone

One More Day is an inspiring romance drama. Overcome with guilt and riddled with memories of his late girlfriend, a New York artist loses not only his passion for drawing but also for life until he is granted one more day with the one he loved and one more chance to make everything right.

FINALLY FREE  | Dave Moody, Josh Moody
Finally Free is an action drama and story of redemption for a man who is trying to hide the events of his past. Faced with the choice of remaining quiet or speaking up when another man’s life is on the line, he learns that the truth will set you free.